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DB Tyrin Holloway on the NFL draft and his potential fit with the Falcons

The Falcons have shown interest in Holloway, a versatile defensive back who has the traits Dan Quinn covets.

NCAA Football: Liberty at Southern Methodist Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Tyrin Holloway started his college career at Liberty University and finished it at Western Illinois. The next step in his football journey may land him with the Atlanta Falcons.

Holloway, a 6’0, 200-pound defensive back, is waiting to see where he lands after the 2018 NFL Draft. He started 22 games at Liberty, notching 103 total tackles, two tackles for loss, seven picks, 12 pass break-ups, two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries. At Western Illinois, he had 21 tackles, was second on the team with three picks, and he added six pass break-ups.

The Falcons have shown interest in Holloway, and he spoke to The Falcoholic about his preparation for the draft, his potential fit with the Falcons, and what fans can expect from him at the next level.

I spoke to Holloway before his pro day at Northern Illinois. He participated in Northwestern’s pro day, where he ran a 4.64 40-yard dash, had a 10’04 broad jump, and did the three-cone in 7.03. For his Western Illinois pro day, he planned to do more to prove to scouts that he’s ready for the NFL.

“I’ll probably just do the position drills again. Because I felt like I did well on the position drills, but the scouts said I need to do better,” Holloway said. “So I’m going to just prove them wrong, that I can — the position drills are my strength. Definitely my strength. So I think my position’s a lot easier, so it should be my strength.”

So what position does Holloway expect to play in the NFL? He’s open to some possibilities, which makes him an intriguing prospect for the Falcons.

“I’m very versatile. I can play corner and safety and special teams,” Holloway said. “I would love to play special teams. Anywhere you want me to play. I know the defense. I’ve been part of many defenses. I know the game real well, and my height is a good thing for that, and I’ve got great ball skills. I can just bring a lot of turnovers, so definitely a lot of turnovers. When I see the ball, I catch it.”

Those are skills Dan Quinn covets in defensive backs. That versatility is not all that Holloway brings to the table. He’s got other attributes Quinn favors, too.

“My height, obviously, my ball skills and my break on the ball, and I’m very versatile with knowing the game,” Holloway said. “I can play multiple positions, like cornerback — I love cornerback, but I can play cornerback and safety because I know the positions like (snaps) that. In the back of my head, I know both positions.”

He thinks his closest NFL comparison is one of the league’s most talented corners.

“Well, I like a lot, but I’d probably say — let’s see, like my size, probably Marcus Peters. Probably Marcus Peters,” Holloway said.

The NFL carries a learning curve for every rookie. Holloway’s no different, and he recognizes it.

“I’d probably think maybe the knowledge of the game (will be the biggest challenge),” Holloway said. “Some people, like, you can always learn football — keep on learning new things in football. That’s how I love the game.”

Holloway wants to contribute on the field, but he’s ready to be part of an NFL team in a larger sense, too. That’s what he’d like to say to teams that are considering bringing him on board.

“Well, I would say to them I’m a great guy and I love the game and I’ll do anything to make the team better,” Holloway said. “I’m a great guy to get to know. I just want to help the team and be great on the team, so make friends. I can make friends and go out and do charity work, I’ll do anything and everything to fit in with the guys and win championships.”

But when is is on the field, Holloway has a singular focus.

“And if I’m on the field, I definitely can make a play, because every time I’m on the field, I want to try to make a play. That’s my motto: Try to make a play.”