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Julio Jones made some social media changes and Twitter thought he was traded

People went from 0 to stupid real quick.

Wild Card Round - Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

In case you missed it, Julio Jones made some of his social media accounts, and reportedly deleted some Atlanta Falcons related pictures. The internet concluded there was only one reason: Jones got traded.

Here’s how it started.

Things escalated very quickly.

Oh no.

The trade rumors are pretty silly. The Falcons plan to rebuild their wide receiver group with an aging quarterback? That is a whole lot to put on Mohamed Sanu. They would probably have tried to keep Taylor Gabriel, or you know, signed any wide receiver during free agency. To top it off, there have been no rumors about unhappiness with any party.

Looking for tweets reminded me that Mike Freeman is still out there churning out bad takes.

There were countless fake trade rumors.

How many fake Rapsheets are there?

Man, Dallas Cowboys fans live in a completely different reality than normal people. Their fan tweets are so insane that they think the NFL works like Madden with cheat codes.

Falcons fans were freaking out because I guess they didn’t have to do on a Monday night other than to pretend Julio is getting traded for some unknown reason. The real reason for the social media change seems to be more about dedication.

It would have been very out of character for Jones to publicly show unhappiness with the team. We did not hear any frustration during contract negotiations three years ago, or at any time in his pro career. That’s just not Julio. A trade makes zero sense for the team.

Twitter just has some people going crazy.