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Vic Beasley and teammates support kids fighting childhood cancers at Rally on the Runway

Beasley and other Falcons players helped raise $332,000 to fight childhood cancers on Friday night.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

By the end of Friday night’s Rally on the Runway event, the Rally Foundation had raised $332,000 to fight childhood cancers. Vic Beasley was proud to be a part of it.

This marked Beasley’s third year of serving as the honorary chair of Rally’s runway event. Working with Rally and the children and families they support has made an impact on Beasley.

“It’s an inspiration to me,” Beasley told The Falcoholic. “I feel like the lessons I get from it are like don’t take life for granted and to be thankful for everything that I have right now and just continue to smile. You see these kids come in with these tough situations, they’re dealt a bad hand and they continue to smile. So that’s encouraging me to do the same.”

There are so many courageous kids and families involved with the Rally Foundation, but one young lady has been a particular inspiration to Beasley, and to me — Mary Tipton Carter.

“Really, the one I’ve really been engaged with is M.T.,” Beasley said. “When I first met her, I just recognized so much energy, and considering her situation, how she continues to smile and show joy, just all the joy that she has. She definitely encourages me to continue to smile and not complain about anything.”

Beasley was joined by some of his teammates. Austin Hooper, Ben Garland, Grady Jarrett, and Josh Harris were all there enjoying the experience. Players get to walk Rally kids, who are fighting or have beaten cancer, down the runway for a fun fashion show. The event raises money to support research for childhood cancer treatments and help provide for the needs of families whose kids are fighting cancer.

It was Hooper’s first time participating in the event.

“Yeah, it’s just a great opportunity Vic afforded me to be a part of this and to help affect some young kids’ lives,” Hooper said. “And if it makes them forget about what they’re going through just for even one night, then it makes it worth it for me.”

Ben Garland, who put 2,817 miles on his car last season doing volunteer work, said this is one of his favorite events every year.

“It’s one of those things where you just see the kids light up,” Garland said. “Last year I had one girl who was just trembling, was scared to go out there. It’s very intimidating — there’s lights, there are hundreds of people, you’re not very old. And then afterward, she was just elated, jumping up and down, like ‘This is the best day of my life, this is the best day of my life.’ And seeing that made it completely worth the time to come out here and do this for the kids.”

Grady Jarrett also drew inspiration from the Rally kids.

“It means everything to be able to give the time and spend time with these young kids who are full of energy, full of life, and they’re just trying to enjoy the moment and get a break from the battle that they’re fighting day in and day out,” Jarrett said. “And it’s a humbling experience for me.”

Josh Harris echoed what his teammates had to say about the experience.

“It’s awesome, just to be able to come and share the night with them and walk down the runway and just get to showcase their talents and what they’ve been through and just have this night just for them, it’s really amazing,” Harris said.

Rally Foundation uses the funds they raise to fund research for new treatments for childhood cancers. For every dollar Rally raises, 92 cents goes directly to research efforts and providing support to families who have a child fighting cancer.

Beasley has also supported Rally with his tackle and sack challenge over the past two seasons, and he’s doing it again for 2018. You can visit Rally’s website and pledge today to support Vic and help kids who are engaged in the fight of their lives against childhood cancers.