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2018 NFL Draft: C Frank Ragnow works out for Falcons

Well, the lead up to draft day continues to get more interesting.

NFL Combine - Day 1 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Well, the Atlanta Falcons got a last-minute workout in Thursday with one of the draft’s top interior linemen.

Via Falcfans, Darren Wolfson reports that Arkansas C Frank Ragnow got some time in with the Falcons before the pre-draft meeting deadline.

So, Ragnow. No, not Ragnarok, the apocalyptic event that destroys Thor’s home world of Asgard. Ragnow, the center from Arkansas. Though, if Atlanta does end up making this pick, he will forever be known as Frank Ragnarok on this author’s posts.

Let’s see what our draft man Kevin Knight had to say about Ragnow pre-combine.

Ragnow is a popular name among Falcons fans, and for good reason. He’s an impressive run blocker with great size at 6’5, 309. The biggest question surrounding Ragnow is whether or not he is athletic enough to play in a zone-blocking scheme—which, in case you aren’t aware, the Falcons utilize. Assuming he performs well enough at the Combine, Ragnow could be a target on Day 2 should the Falcons go elsewhere with their first round selection.

Well, as time has gone by, Ragnow has been hinted to now be a potential first-round selection for Thursday’s big night. Let’s be very up front...if the Falcons take a guy like Ragnow first, it may hint that...other things...are cooking on that offensive line.

The team has a stacked OL roster at the moment, and they can’t afford to draft a guy to bench at a position of plenty in year one. If Ragnow would be a potential first-round pick for Atlanta, that might indicate that Brandon Fusco isn’t as starter-proof as we once thought. If Ragnow’s the pick, make no mistake, he’s going to be the new right guard unless things go horribly wrong.

The 0.01% chance scenario would be the team cutting loose from Andy Levitre or Alex Mack post-draft to lessen the cap and make Ragnow the new left guard or Ryan’s new center. That just doesn’t even feel real, and it’d certainly worry me a lot if it came true. Offensive line just doesn’t make a lick of sense with the team’s first rounder, and right now, Ragnow’s a potential first-round talent. Where do these puzzle pieces fit? It’s so confounding!

Now, if Ragnow slid to the team in the second round...that’d make more sense. But, where he’d slot in for the future would be a major question going ahead.

There’s a great mystery with where this first rounder will go. Defensive tackle feels like the safe bet, with linebacker and cornerback the underdogs. Offensive line, though? That’d be an instant shakeup moment that would see the presumed Matthews-Levitre-Mack-Fusco-Schraeder lineup shift. Who would be the odd man out?

To be frank (heh), Ragnow feels like due diligence, but if the team is that open to drafting an offensive lineman first, consider him a definite possibility.

I’d also give a hearty congratulations if he’s the pick to the Falcoholic comments section, because you all have been on Frank Ragnarok’s train since we started doing these news updates.