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2018 NFL Draft: Falcons to hold local Pro Day on Wednesday

It’s a chance for Georgia’s finest to shine.

Atlanta Falcons Practice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Every year, the Falcons have the opportunity to work out local prospects. Considering some of the finest NFLers get their start in Georgia, that’s a pretty good use of the team’s time, and in years past they’ve made good use of it.

After 2017’s local Pro Day, the Falcons wound up signing former Georgia track star Garrett Scantling (who didn’t make the team), Georgia wide receiver Reggie Davis (who figures into the #3 receiver competition next year), Georgia defensive back Quincy Mauger (coming off an injury and competing for a role in camp), and Miami-Ohio defensive end J’Terius Jones (who spent most of the year on the practice squad). Three out of 20+ players doesn’t seem that impressive, but consider that every one of those guys were undrafted free agents and that two seem like decent bets to make the 2018 roster and you’ve got a compelling reason to keep digging close to home.

This year, we don’t have a full list of prospects participating, but I expect we’ll get one after Wednesday’s Pro Day. The Falcons are widely expected to work out Georgia RB Nick Chubb and Georgia WR Javon Wims, with Wims looking like a potential draft target in April. Because they’ll be hosting them at their local pro day, they’ll get a closer look at both players without burning one of their 30 official draft visits. It’s a smart way to get around that particular requirement.

We should hear a little more (but probably only a little) about how the Pro Day went later in the week, so keep an eye out on Wednesday. It would not be astonishing to see a handful of local players make the leap from this Pro Day to Falcons training camp, just as they have in years past, so I’ll be eager to see who shows up.