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2018 NFL Draft: Falcons visit with DE Harold Landry

Well, it’s good to cover all your bases.

NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Another day, another Atlanta Falcons draft visit.

This time, they’re hosting one of the draft’s best edge rushers.

So, it’s Boston College’s Harold Landry, a prolific edge rusher who has gotten some comparisons to Falcons DE Vic Beasley.

Again, these visits don’t necessarily translate to picks, but it is a bit interesting to see Landry come down to Flowery Branch this late in the draft process. What does it mean?

Well, the Falcons have a gap at edge, though not one any of us would expect to be filled with the team’s top draft pick.

One way a Landry pick makes sense in this situation is if the team plans to move on from Beasley when his deal is up, and need a complimentary starting rusher to play next to ascending DE Takk McKinley for the future. Being that Beasley led the league in sacks in 2016, and could attribute some of his 2017 dip to injury and duty changes, it just feels proper, and wise, for him to get a second contract with the team, and continue growing in his role.

The other way is if the team just wants incredible depth at defensive end, and aren’t afraid of taking away from adding to the defensive tackle spot, or at positions like guard, wide receiver or cornerback, where a first pick would fill a bigger need.

This is probably just Atlanta getting in some face time with a highly-regarded player in case he was to fall to their spot, and hey, you can never have enough edge rushers, right?

Our Jeremy Riggs wrote about Landry last season in a draft preview, and offered these enticing thoughts:

Landry didn’t declare for the draft last season, but he was already a possible first round pick. With 48 TFLs and 25 sacks in his collegiate career, the production is certainly there. He’s quick and plays a similar game to Vic Beasley. A rotation of Takk, Vic, and Landry would be very fun and a nightmare for opposing offensive tackles.

Dan Quinn loves his speedy guys, and perhaps, just perhaps, he wants another speedy rusher in the mix. Again, this just doesn’t feel like something that’ll end up happening, and Landry figures to be long gone by 26.

The Falcons trading up in a second-consecutive year for an edge guy feels pretty out there, but stranger things have happened.

Is Landry the shocking draft addition none of us saw coming? Probably not, but you never know. We’ll know soon enough.