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Atlanta Falcons WR Mohamed Sanu has no issue with the addition of receivers

Fact: Mohamed Sanu refuses to use gruyere in his mac and cheese

Wild Card Round - Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons wide receiver corps is something we’ve talked about a lot this offseason. The fan base is just itching to add some depth at the skill positions. There’s an exceptional amount of chatter about the Falcons drafting a wide receiver. Heck, some draft pundits even have the Falcons drafting a wide receiver in the first around, setting aside an arguably more pressing need at defensive tackle.

Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu spoke with 92.9 The Game’s Dukes and Bell today. Dukes and Bell are at Flowery Branch observing as the Falcons kick off their offseason program. (Go give them a listen, if you haven’t already.) There was some discussion about the Falcons drafting a wide receiver. Interestingly he’s not opposed to the addition of talent to the wide receiver corps. In fact, he welcomes it.

“We’re gonna go draft someone to come help us out,” Sanu told Dukes & Bell. “I’m excited to see what this year’s receiving corps will look like.”

Sanu is under contract with the Falcons until the end of the 2020 season. The team could opt out of his deal after next season, if they so choose. (That’d leave them on the hook for $4.2 million in dead money.) But Sanu isn’t worried that he will eventually be replaced if the Falcons draft a wide receiver. He’s just looking forward to opportunity to improve the unit as a whole. That’s exactly the sort of team-first mentality head coach Dan Quinn has engendered at Flowery Branch.

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