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ESPN’s Mel Kiper unveils his perfect Falcons mock draft

It’s...certainly unorthodox.

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So, earlier this week, we gave you a look at Todd McShay’s very good-but-not likely “perfect” Falcons mock draft. Now, well, here’s Mel Kiper’s version.

So, um, where do we begin?

Absolutely, D.J. Moore is a very good receiver, and would no doubt give Atlanta a formidable trio of pass catchers at the position. It’d be a fine pick...if the second round selection made even a lick of sense.

In this scenario, the Falcons don’t take a defensive tackle in any of the three rounds, which, well, won’t actually happen in real life. Because, if it did, the Falcons would effectively be telling Grady Jarrett to clone himself and play both spots on the defensive line.

USC DE Rasheem Greene is apparently going to be a pretty good rusher, but for the love of Freddie Falcon, that’d be a pointless pick. The Falcons don’t need another edge rusher that high in the draft. Third or fourth round? Sure, why not. But, second!? Psh. No. That’s not going to work. Takkarist McKinley is in line for a boatload of new snaps, and you’re only looking to replace some of McKinley’s rookie snaps. You can achieve that with a mid-round pick.

If you take Moore first, and then a guy like B.J. Hill or another defensive tackle, then, sure, that’d be fine. I’m not big on a wide receiver or a cornerback in the first round, but I don’t call the plays. If Atlanta wants to do that, it’ll probably be for a justifiable reason, and will make sense on game day. But, grimace, they won’t take a receiver first, and then an edge second, and a tight end third. No siree.

I’ve admittedly never heard of Jordan Akins, but I do know what Central Florida is. I also know the Falcons probably aren’t going to take a tight end in the third round, since they literally just did that two years ago with Austin Hooper. Jaylen Samuels is really the only player around that range that could do tight end duties and make sense for that pick, but even then, he projects as more of a RB/FB combo, H-back type.

Look, Mel Kiper is literally America’s Draft Analyst, and it’s kind of pathetic to really pick apart someone’s mock draft. But, if we’re being honest, this would represent a bizarre turn for the Falcons front office, considering the needs on the team.

But, thankfully, this will not be the Falcons plan, as they, well, know their needs better.

Sorry, Mel, but we aren’t feeling this one at all.

But, hey, we’re looking forward to your breakdowns of the Falcons picks!