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The Falcoholic’s Story Birds, Episode 2, Afolabi Laguda

Hear from Falcons draft prospect/Colorado S Afolabi Laguda.

Colorado v Colorado State Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Hello, Dirty Birds one and all, this is Cory Woodroof back with another episode of The Falcoholic’s Story Birds, an Atlanta Falcons storytelling podcast.

If you’re returning, we welcome you back, and if this is your first episode, then, welcome aboard.

Our guest this week might be a stranger to Falcons fans, but that could change here in two weeks once the NFL draft gets underway. Former Colorado safety Afolabi Laguda has met with the Falcons twice so far this offseason and could project to be one of the team’s later-round draft picks.

Laguda joins us to share his story of coming up from being a young Falcons fan in Atlanta to being one of the team’s draft prospects, and also provides insight into his time with Colorado, and what he sees his future being in the league.

Let’s listen in on the conversation.

We thank Afolabi for joining us on this week’s Story Birds, and wish him well as he rounds out the draft process. Be sure to follow along with Afolabi on Twitter at @FizzyFo1 and on Instagram at @fizzyfo1.

We also thank you for listening to this week’s episode, and welcome you to share any questions, comments or suggestions with me on Twitter at my handle, @CoryWoodroof47.

We’ll be back next week with another Falcon-y conversation, and thanks again for stopping by for this one. We’ll be back next week for another installment of Story Birds.

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