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Rich McKay: Atlanta Falcons are committed to playing with an open roof in 2018

Fact: Rich McKay collects and sells small porcelain elephants in his spare time

Emailed via AMB Group

I once rode an elevator with Atlanta Falcons President Rich McKay. My cousin was dating a Falcons cheerleader, and I was utterly start struck. He smelled like rich mahogany. The LED light in the elevator reflected off his beautiful bald head. It was glorious. But I digress. We’re here because McKay had some interesting things to say about “the roof that shall not be named” today.

More to the point, McKay was on 92.9 this morning. It was a solid interview, and you should check it out. He talked specifically about the Mercedes-Benz Stadium roof. He promised the roof would be open for Falcons home games in 2018.

Why is this significant? Well, by now you’re surely familiar with all the drama associated with our new and improved stadium. The roof was open for the regular season home opener, then it remained closed for the remainder of the season. If McKay keeps his promise, that hopefully won’t be the case in 2018 and beyond. They’ve been working on this for a while now, and McKay made a similar promise in January. Fingers crossed they get this all sorted out between now and August.

Your thoughts?