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The Atlanta Falcons need a wide receiver and Dez Bryant is available

If Atlanta signs Dez Bryant, at least Mel Kiper will stop mocking the team a wide receiver in the first round.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It became pretty clear early last season that the Atlanta Falcons needed to add a wide receiver. Taylor Gabriel looked much more like a gadget player than someone who can consistently break coverage. If a corner got his hands on Gabriel, it was game over. Mohamed Sanu looked reliable, but far from a threat. With the drop off in passes to running backs, and inconsistencies from Austin Hooper, the passing game ran mostly through Julio Jones.

Could the Falcons fix that problem? Even for cheap (ish?) Now that Dez Bryant is looking for a new team, the answer could be yes.

I have had my eyes out for a speedy wide receiver, and Bryant is absolutely not that anymore. He is coming off his worst season since his rookie year, in part due to injuries and some growing pains with Dak Prescott. His talent could be best used to improve Atlanta’s struggling red zone offense. He’s plainly been one of the league’s best red zone targets for years. Bryant is only 30.

Would the Falcons make that jump for Bryant? They can still clear some cap space to afford his numbers (assuming the Jaguars and Raiders stay out of it), and not worry about needing to develop a rookie wide receiver. If the Falcons have only a few more years of peak Julio Jones and Matt Ryan, adding a handy weapon like Bryant could be huge for the offense.

It’s not clear what Bryant is looking for. He should have some choices between getting paid and winning. Getting paid is harder this far into free agency, so he may be happy to take a one-year deal, hoping to return to form with a veteran quarterback.


Should the Atlanta Falcons look into Dez Bryant?

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