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Falcons have ninth-best odds to win the Super Bowl, according to Las Vegas oddsmakers

Seems a bit low but not like it means anything

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

In the second NFL dead period of the year, between free agency and the NFL draft (the first dead period being between the end of the Super Bowl and the start of the new league year), the oddsmakers in Las Vegas remain hard at work.

They check the Falcons in at ninth on their ranking of teams most likely to win Superbowl 53, tied with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Chargers with 20/1 odds.

The evil empire, I mean New England Patriots, top the list with strong 6/1 odds to get their hands on Tom Brady’s sixth Lombardi Trophy. The Los Angeles Rams, who have made numerous offseason additions headlined by DT Ndamukong Suh, are tied with the Minnesota Vikings and defending champion Philadelphia Eagles for second with 10/1 odds.

What caught my eye were the two teams ranked directly in front of the Falcons. The Houston Texans, led by stud quarterback Deshaun Watson, check in with 16/1 odds and Kyle Shanahan’s San Francisco 49ers have 14/1 odds to lift the trophy according to Vegas. Neither of these teams made the playoffs last year but had strong stretches of play at one point or another in the regular season.

The Falcons seem a bit low, having come just one play away from defeating the eventual champion Eagles in the divisional round of the playoffs this past season, and not having lost any significant contributors outside of maybe DT Dontari Poe but it may be for the best to fly under the radar a bit while upstart teams claim the hype.

The Las Vegas odds mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. They fluctuate throughout the year, and they’ll surely change once again before the regular season begins. In this dead period of no football, however, it’s a fun topic of discussion. Below you can find the odds for every NFL team, courtesy of uStadium on twitter.

What sticks out to you? Should the Falcons be higher on the list? Are they maybe too high for your liking? How about a big shoutout to the Cleveland Browns, who don’t find themselves with the worst odds for the first time in a while.