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ESPN’S Todd McShay reveals his Falcons three-round draft

Apparently, this is what McShay would give the team an “A” for.

Oklahoma v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

So, we’re on our elevendy-hundredth mock draft of 2018, but when one of the big guys at ESPN does one, we’re kind of intrigued by what they do for Atlanta.

Todd McShay, a well-respected draft mind and a guy whose voice you’re about to hear a lot on your television set here in a couple of weeks, has made a “Grade-A” Falcons draft, and it’s rather interesting. Typically, you’d have to be an ESPN Insider to get access to this, but thankfully, social media is a thing.

McShay’s right — this would be quite a haul for the Falcons, and one that would give everyone the right to go outside and party in the street.

Hurst is considered by some to be the best defensive tackle in the draft, Washington has gotten first-round talk for a wide receiver in the past and Jefferson would be perhaps a more polished version of Duke Riley, and gets Jordan Hicks comparisons from NFL analyst Lance Zierlein.

How realistic is any of it? Well, um, we don’t know.

The Falcons have yet to be linked to Maurice Hurst in any way, shape or form, which is kind of interesting given the time of year. There’s still plenty of time on the clock to set up a private workout or visit, but they didn’t even get in touch with him at the combine (well, at least we’re not aware of anything). He’s a popular mock draft target, but Atlanta doesn’t have any reported interest just yet. That will probably change, but it is curious nevertheless. They could just be hiding their cards, though. Hurst would make a lot of sense.

The team has looked at wide receivers, but none with the profile of a James Washington. That might indicate there’s no way they’d consider a receiver before Round 3, but you’d have to think they’d at least give the idea some thought if he’s there, given his ability and the need. Washington joining Atlanta’s receiving core would be, for lack of a better phrase, pretty flippin’ sick.

It’s hard to think Atlanta would spend another third on a linebacker that will need some developing, though Jefferson has a high ceiling. Quite frankly, so did, and does, Duke Riley, so unless they invest a first rounder at the spot, or trade for a guy like Mychal Kendricks, this pick feels a bit off, though it’s certainly enticing from a hypothetical standpoint.

So, it’s an interesting grouping of picks from McShay, if a bit of implausible one past the first pick. It’d be something to see this being the final group, though.

Oh, and, selfish plug, but if you want to read my latest mock draft, head over to Rise Up Reader, and give it a twirl. And, y’know, at least wash the rotten tomatoes before you throw them at me. Sheesh.