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2018 NFL Draft: Falcons to meet with WR Keke Coutee

Another speedy WR could factor in to Atlanta’s draft plans.

Texas Tech v Baylor Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Well, hey, what’ya know, another draft visit for Atlanta!

Texas Tech WR Keke Coutee has a big fan on The Falcoholic’s staff in Eric Robinson, who feels that the third-or-fourth-round prospect could very easily replace former Falcons WR Taylor Gabriel, who signed with the Bears last month.

Here’s his scouting report summary, courtesy of our own Eric Robinson:

Coutee has similar traits as Gabriel and is slightly bigger than Gabriel. His presence in the Falcons offense will provide defenses with a pure speedster and another weapon that defenses will truly have to account for. In the open field, Coutee is as dangerous as they come, and you have to believe that lining up next to Jones and others will make the transition for Coutee a little easier.

He is currently holding a draft range in the 3rd and possible early 4th, which is probably where Atlanta will look to spend a draft pick on a receiver if they’re inclined to. There is no doubt that Coutee could be an asset in this offense. Patience is needed but it probably won’t take long for Coutee to prove that the patience will pay off.

Coutee joins Penn State WR DaeSean Hamilton as a prospect of that range that could factor in as Atlanta’s new slot receiver. It’s exciting to see the confidence Eric has in Coutee’s ability, and really, they both sound like they’d be promising additions to Atlanta’s receiving group.

Dan Quinn indicated guys like Marvin Hall and Reggie Davis could factor in to Gabriel’s spot, and we too soon forget about the reliable Justin Hardy getting more reps. But, if the team puts a third rounder on a receiver, assume he’s the favorite to land the job until we’re told otherwise.

So, we’re beginning to get a good shape of what Atlanta’s looking for in this draft class. It really seems like Gabriel’s spot is open for a pick investment, and a guy like Coutee seems like he’d be just right for the job going forward.

We’ll see if any more slot receivers from that range stop by.