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Falcons QB Matt Ryan offers update on contract talks

So, where does the Mattural see things standing at the moment?

Divisional Round - Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Well, things are still clicking along in the Matt Ryan contract saga, but for the first time in a while, we’ve heard from Ryan himself about where the process stands.

11Alive caught up with the QB at his charity golf tournament Monday morning, and asked him how things were coming on his new deal.

“I think things have been productive up to this point. As far as time frame, I’m sure it will shake out and handle itself. I’m not sure if it will be today, tomorrow or a couple of weeks, but I really think that we’re moving in the right direction,” Ryan told 11Alive on Monday.

Again, this kind of lines up with what the word is from the Falcons organization. Everyone seems to feel like it’s going to get done at some point, and it wouldn’t be a shocker for a random day in May to roll around, and everyone involved be smiling and taking photos after putting ink to paper to make Ryan the highest-paid QB in NFL history (until the next one signs).

11Alive did manage to ask Ryan about the cap situation, and if his impending deal might’ve kept the team from making other moves in March. Predictably, he didn’t share much about that exact idea.

When asked about possibly holding up the organization from making other moves in free agency, Ryan said it’s not even a thought. He said he doesn’t get too involved in the business side of the game.

”Our organization has a plan in place, and I really trust them to do their job when it comes to that,” he said.

Other quarterback contracts such as Kirk Cousin’s deal with the Minnesota Vikings and Jimmy Garoppolo’s with the San Francisco 49ers that made him the highest-paid quarterback at $137.5 million over five years may have caused a snag. Ryan’s resume is better, and therefore he could be waiting for a better deal.

”I think this is just how it goes,” Ryan said, adding nothing was holding-up the process. “Sometimes there is back and forth through these processes. I’m not too concerned about it.”

Well, that’s the business. Again, there is no chance in Flowery Branch this deal doesn’t get done; we’re just waiting to see when they finally get it in, and how much Ryan will be making.

They’ll likely open up some cap for 2018 once it happens, which will give the team more than enough money to sign the draft class and watch and see if any impact guys get released in the summer, or during the roster cuts of late August/early September. Perhaps having a little bit of money later in the process will do the team some good.

As we saw yesterday, Ryan’s also a new father, and he shared some thoughts on his family’s journey though that time.

That’s obviously more important than any new deal or Falcons-related matter, so we’re very thankful to hear all’s smooth sailing with the new Ryan twins.

And, hey, one last tidbit of news. When he gets back in the swing of things, he’ll be working with a new QBs coach in Greg Knapp. For that, Ryan says he’s, well, looking forward to it. After a year with a younger coach in Bush Hamdan, the Mattural will no doubt like having a seasoned mind like Knapp around.

Of course, if you’re hoping to help Ryan’s cause for the day, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, you can learn more about donating and volunteering here.