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Please welcome Cat Scratch Reader, your new Falcoholic management

A re-shuffling is here.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Cardinals fans! Today, the Falcoholic will be taking an important step forward for an ever bright future!

After a re-allocation of resources was deemed to be “way overdue, bro,” the folks at CatScratchReader will be taking the reigns and bringing you a more diversified coverage of your favorite NFL teams, the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers.

Why these two teams were lumped together will forever boggle my mind, as a more appropriate team may have been somebody inside the division, such as the Buccaneers or the Saints. But I don’t get paid to make those decisions, I get paid to bring you Cardinals fans some great cross-team content! Our goal is to establish a substantial gap between our blog and other SBNation blogs with our content. We will bring you special features on your favorite players, phenoms such as Cam Newton, Steve Smith and Larry Fitzgerald.

Follow along as we establish our lead as the best football blog on the internet. Hopefully we don’t blow this one.

-The New Management.