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Falcons true or false: Tevin Coleman will be in Atlanta in 2019

Let’s talk about it.

Divisional Round - Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Is Tevin Coleman coming back, as Thomas Dimitroff has suggested. Our roundtable is not made up of believers.

Dave Choate

False. The heart wants Tevin Coleman to stay, but the mind knows he’s unlikely to. The Falcons have a number of big contracts coming up, including Grady Jarrett and Jake Matthews next year, Deion Jones and De’Vondre Campbell the year after that, and Vic Beasley mixed in there. They simply won’t be able to pay two backs starting back money, so unless they’re willing to ship out Devonta Freeman (unlikely at best), Coleman will be playing elsewhere in 2019.

Adnan Ikic

False. The Falcons have a lot of lucrative extensions they’ll need to give out soon to the likes of Grady Jarrett, Deion Jones and Vic Beasley, they can’t afford the luxury of paying big money to a backup running back. However, this prediction is under the condition that Devonta Freeman remains healthy. If Free continues having problems with concussions then I can definitely see Thomas Dimitroff keeping Coleman around as Freeman has a potential out in his contract in 2020.

Carter Breazeale

False. The Falcons effectively tipped their hand in terms of their long-term plans at running back when they made Devonta Freeman the highest-paid back in the league. Tevin Coleman certainly has starting potential, and as such, will command a starter’s role and salary. With free agency on the horizon for many of Atlanta’s young playmakers and a tight cap situation to mitigate, the smart money is on Coleman playing elsewhere in 2019.

Cory Woodroof

False. The running back is a funny position to watch -- some teams desperate for a runner will shell out lots of dough to nab a good one, while some teams prefer the homegrown approach. Tevin Coleman could start somewhere, and could get paid more money elsewhere to do more than he ever will in Atlanta. I believe Devonta Freeman to be the better overall back, though Coleman is excellent at what he’s good at. It feels unlikely that Atlanta will be willing to shell out what Coleman’s worth to keep him around after 2018, but you never know. Just look at the team paying both Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford.