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Dan Quinn advocates for larger gameday NFL rosters

Given the team’s approach to stockpiling depth, this certainly makes sense.

Divisional Round - Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons under Dan Quinn have been defined by unusually healthy rosters that nevertheless boast deep rotations at key positions like defensive end and defensive tackle. Those times when Atlanta has been hit with injuries, they’ve had that next man up mentality like every other team in the NFL,

Why? Take the case of one Sean Harlow, a rookie guard last year who was very clearly not ready to play major snaps in an NFL game. Harlow was mothballed on a weekly basis at one of the team’s eight inactive spots, and thus the team did not get any looks at him in game action. I’m sure that if he had the option, Quinn would have found a way to get Harlow 5-10 snaps here or there in games the Falcons clearly had in hand already, just to get a real look at the fourth round pick in action. Instead, they’ll head into 2018 with a crowded depth chart at guard and a limited sense of how Harlow’s going to fare in game action, though he’ll certainly get some preseason reps.

It also would allow for deeper rotations at a few key positions—I’m looking at you, defensive end—and help out with in-game injuries. That last point is probably the most salient one for many NFL coaches, including Quinn, but there are enough benefits to expanded rosters that I sincerely hope this will become reality soon.