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Atlanta is a landing spot for Odell Beckham Jr., per the Ringer. Can the Falcons make it work?

Beckham could push Atlanta’s offense over the top, but is it realistic?

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Giants Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn have made it pretty clear this offseason that they do not plan to overspend this year, only to pay for it in the future. They have done a solid job on keeping their own players, while apparently trying to hand Matt Ryan a blockbuster extension. It is a sensical offseason for a team that thinks they can compete now and continue to build for the future.

Which is why it was surprising to see the Ringer link the Atlanta Falcons to a trade for Odell Beckham Jr. One of the most talented wide receivers in the league has been a headache for the New York Giants, and his contract demands may get him sent off, thanks to new general manager Dave Gettleman’s tendency to get rid of good and great players.

Here’s what the Ringer said about the Falcons being a landing spot for the former LSU pass catcher.

First, the proposed compensation.

Giants receive: No. 26 pick, 2019 first-round pick, 2019 second-round pick, guard Ben Garland

Falcons receive: Beckham, 2019 third-round pick

This suggestion is from an admitted Giants fan, and definitely feels too expensive. No one takes our Ben Garland! Adam Schefter suggested the asking price was at least two first round picks, but he then said he did not expect that to happen. The trade will be complicated, as the new team will almost certainly want to work out a contract extension before sacrificing their draft picks. This gives Beckham some leverage by refusing to negotiate with bad teams.

I’m going to guess, if he gets moved, he will cost a 1st and a 3rd in 2018, and maybe a midround pick in 2019. That seems fair considering the weird offseason video and his contract demands.

He deserves to play on a team where he can’t be constantly spotlighted by an opposing defense, but instead can show how magical he is when someone has to try guarding him one-on-one. The best place for that is Atlanta, which has the cap space next season to give him a new contract. Julio Jones and Beckham would probably qualify as the best receiver combo in NFL history, the Falcons offense could approach 40 points per game, and he can chill with Migos and continue to be a part of the Culture.

Can the Atlanta Falcons really walk it like this writer talks it? First, lets look at next year’s cap. The team does have $65 million in free space according to Spotrac, which sounds like a lot of money. That is missing Matt Ryan, who should cost at least $25 million depending on how his contract is structured. The Falcons also need to bring back Grady Jarrett, who will definitely average $12 million or more per year. The numbers for Vic Beasley’s fifth-year option aren’t in, but should be close to Jake Matthews’ $12.5 million. Next, the Falcons only have 33 players under contract, meaning they need to pay 20 more guys.

Basically, the money starts running out really quickly. The Falcons could definitely make it work with a few cap moves, but will definitely be paying for it down the line. It’d be a bold move if the team thinks their window is closing with top players getting a bit old.

Would the move even make sense? Mel Kiper just mocked the Falcons a wide receiver with their first round pick, and seriously, this team needs a speed upgrade over Mohamed Sanu. Someone needs to get behind the defense other than a triple-covered Julio Jones. Beckham would do exactly that, and gives Ryan an absurd number of weapons. It could be the most entertaining offense to watch in years. Maybe Ryan would take a team friendly deal if he’s throwing to both Jones and Beckham?

A Beckham trade feels like a pipe dream, but it is not as crazy as it sounds.