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Former Falcons DE Adrian Clayborn recently bid farewell, gave Takk McKinley vote of approval

It’s bummerino metropolis to see Clay head to New England, no doubt about it.

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

As you know, Falcons FA DE Adrian Clayborn has signed a three-year deal with the New England Patriots, and it burns. It burns so badly.

Clayborn had a nice contract year, and got paid by one of the greatest teams of all time. Yes, it’s that greatest team of all time, but you can’t blame a guy for wanting to continue his winning ways with a program that’s willing to shell out a big deal for him. Atlanta just didn’t have the resources to this time around, and that’s kind of that.

Some of Falcons faithful has, ahem, slid into poor Clay’s mentions to vent its frustrations, something the former Falcon noticed as he bid farewell to the organization and its fans.

Alright, angry fans, cut it out. Clayborn deserves to get paid as much as he can for his services, and New England was the team to pay him. So be it. Taking team-friendly deals sounds nice on paper, but rarely would any of us fork up a lot of money just to win something. Some might, and that’s their right, but Clayborn will get plenty of reps with the Patriots, and will get compensated for his talents. He’s able to pair winning with zeroes in the bank. Can’t blame him for that.

It’s clear and heartening that Clayborn is leaving on amicable terms, and has a lot of regard for the organization that, as he says, helped him get his career back on track. Even the guys who leave this place speak highly of it, which bodes well for free agents looking into joining, and guys on the roster wanting to stay when their deals are up.

Saying goodbye to a great Falcon like Clayborn stinks, but this is the side of the business that isn’t fun. That’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Before he goes, Clayborn did throw his support behind second-year rusher Takkarist McKinley.

Clayborn’s got a point — his departure will open up a starting opportunity for McKinley, and will grant the latter more snaps. The UCLA pass rusher came on in a big way at the end of the season and in the playoffs, and his illuminating future is the one thing we really do need to be excited about as far as Atlanta’s defensive line goes.

Takk agrees.

Let the #Takkanissance begin!

So, Clayborn, we’ll miss you, and thank you for your time with the team. We wish you all the best with the, uh, Patriots.

If we ever do see each other again where it counts...on a cold February Sunday...well, old friend, it’s just business.