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Falcons once again linked to Broncos QB Trevor Siemian

The move makes sense with the addition of QBs coach Greg Knapp.

Denver Broncos v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

As you idly wait by your phone and/or computer for some morsel of Falcons news to plop in your lap, how’s about a piece of information about the next potential Falcons backup QB?

Sure, why not. It’s something.

So, Trevor Siemian, a former starting QB for the Denver Broncos, is more likely than ever to be of interest to the Falcons with Case Keenum now in Mile High. His former position coach, Greg Knapp, is now the Falcons QBs coach. The Falcons could conceivably send a seventh rounder to go toward a young QB for the team to groom. You get where we’re going with this.

Don’t be surprised at all to see the team toss a late pick to Denver in the coming days to nab Siemian and clear out Matt Schaub’s cap hit, a move that would save them $3,250,000 for 2018’s salary numbers. That would be a big boost for a team who still has a few depth pieces to add in the weeks ahead.

After being drafted in the seventh round in 2015 out of Northwestern, Siemian went 13-11 as a starter, and has 5,686 yards, 30 touchdowns and 24 interceptions in his time with the Broncos. He’s a young, quality backup with starting experience and familiarity with part of the coaching staff, and those are a bit harder to find than you’d expect.

Though, it’s been reported the Broncos could get fifth or sixth rounder for Siemian in a trade, it feels highly unlikely at this juncture. Atlanta does have a sixth ready at the go. So, if they really want Siemian to backup Ryan, then, well, they’ve got the goods to get a deal done if Denver won’t budge for a seventh (unless someone wants to throw their fifth Denver’s way, which, in that case, life your life, I guess).

We’ll see in the coming days if the Falcons pull this off, and what that move would mean for Schaub, an expensive veteran backup and one of the underrated minds in the organization (who will also be 37 when the year begins).