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Falcons working on Matt Ryan extension, envision deals for Grady Jarrett, Jake Matthews

The 2016 MVP might see a new deal pop up here soon.

Divisional Round - Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It’s been a forgone conclusion as to the Atlanta Falcons extending franchise QB Matt Ryan; it’s just been a matter of when the deal would get done.

At the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine, Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff said that he and Ryan’s agent Tom Condon have entered into those very talks.

Dimitroff’s quote is particularly interesting considering the timeline.

“Our drive is to get it done, obviously, soon. And I can see it getting done in the relatively near future. But I’m not fretting if it’s delayed.’’

While the Falcons got CB Desmond Trufant’s deal done last spring, note that the last few major contract extensions have come in the late summer for fall for the team. Ryan Schraeder and Robert Alford each saw their deals extended in November 2016, while Julio Jones got his 2015 deal done in the 2015 preseason. So, it wouldn’t be out of reason to see Ryan’s deal held in negotiations until later this year.

The catch there would be new contracts setting the bar — QB Kirk Cousins is poised to usurp Jimmy Garoppolo as the highest-paid player at the position when he negotiates his new deal this March, and QB Aaron Rodgers is reportedly eyeing an extension as well. Ryan’s a better QB than Cousins and has proven more on the field, so no doubt his camp would want more than what Cousins will get. Sometimes, you’ve got to pay the piper to keep things the way they are, so watch for Ryan to set the new mark when it comes time to sign the dotted line...five years, $142 million seems like a good ballpark guess right now.

Dimitroff also spilled the beans on other guys he envisions being re-signed soon.

Matthews’ deal seems like the most pertinent, as a new contract could lessen his 2018 cap hit (now set at $12 million). He’s going to be the blindside protector for the foreseeable future, so a new deal is just a matter of time as of now. It helps that Quinn was complimentary of him earlier today.

As for Jarrett, he’s likely to become one of the highest-paid players on the defense. His impending contract might also play a role in the team letting Dontari Poe hit free agency, with a heavy two-contract commitment at defensive tackle not likely in the team’s plans. Jarrett’s getting better and better as each season winds on, so no surprise here that the team wants to get him locked down.

FS Ricardo Allen’s the only other Falcon who may get an extension this offseason. So, keep your eye out for some new, Falcon-y contracts on the horizon.