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Our Super Bowl 52 predictions for Patriots vs. Eagles

Unfortunately, many of us think we won’t like the outcome.

NFL: JAN 31 Super Bowl LII Preview - Commissioner Goodell Press Conference Photo by Nick Wosika/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Allen Strk

Eagles 26 - Patriots 23

When you have an elite front four, it gives you the best chance to beat the greatest quarterback ever to step foot on a football field. Philadelphia possess a deep defensive line, along with an excellent coaching staff and unique offense. The best roster in the league prevails.

Cory Woodroof

Patriots 27 - Eagles 17

In the most boring Super Bowl since the Seahawks devoured the Broncos, the Eagles will get out to a 7-0 lead after the first quarter...and then slowly die in the cold, unforgiving Minnesota tundra while Tom Brady and Bill Belichick slowly-but-surely inch their way to their third Super Bowl in four years, and sixth as a pair of dream-crushing monsters. We’ll be told that all NFL fans should appreciate this run -- plunge that sentiment into the bottom of a frozen lake. Nobody cares about this that isn’t a Bostonian, and the Pats can go kick rocks. Yeah, I’m still bitter.

Carter Breazeale

Patriots 31 – Eagles 24

Nick Foles has gone 4-1 since assuming quarterback duties for Philadelphia, but his unexpected victorious run under center ends in Minnesota. The Eagles surgically dismantled the vaunted Vikings defense, but Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl are another animal altogether. With tight end Rob Gronkowski poised to return and an array of weapons at Brady’s disposal, it’s hard to envision the Eagles’ secondary holding up against the New England offense for 60-minutes. The Eagles possess the best front four in the league, but ultimately the defensive dam breaks against the Patriots. Falcons fans weep regardless of the outcome.

Eric Robinson

Patriots 30 - Eagles 27 OT

Hate it or love it, the Patriots are who they are, which are winners. As long as #12 is under center, the Patriots are in any game regardless the circumstance. A tough test awaits New England, just as it did last Super Bowl versus Atlanta and their Super Bowl encounter against Seattle a few seasons ago. The likes of Fletcher Cox, Tim Jernigan, and Brandon Graham on the Eagles defensive line will get to Brady. That is pretty much a guarantee. Eagles quarterback Nick Foles will have to make a play or two for Philadelphia to become victorious and I am not quite sure he will be able to against the mad scientist that is Bill Belichick. Expect Philadelphia’s defense to do a little scoring and keep the Eagles fighting for four quarters but the team with five Super Bowl championships will show why they have that many as a franchise.

Dave Choate

Patriots 27 - Eagles 24

I hate to even write it, but I fear it will come true. The Patriots rarely run away with it in the Super Bowl, but I expect they’ll win.

Matt Chambers

My nightmares 30 - My night terrors 27

There is no winning here.