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Takkarist McKinley tweets and deletes some wistful thinking about the Falcons’ last drive of the season

During the Super Bowl, no less.

Divisional Round - Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Perhaps you caught the Eagles doing something supremely ballsy there at the end of the first half, electing to have tight end Trey Burton throw a touchdown pass to Nick Foles on fourth down. It was the kind of crazy, creative play that gets you killed if it fails and has people hailing you as a genius if it works, and hell, Doug Pederson looked like a genius.

Takk McKinley noticed that play, too.

Takk has subsequently deleted the tweet, but considering the Falcons ended a would-be winning drive against the Eagles with a sequence of plays pretty much everyone agreed were either ill-advised or poorly executed, it’s hard to blame him for watching that crazy play and feeling a little envious.

Please don’t give Takk a reason to do this in next year’s playoffs, Falcons.