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Report: Falcons Talked with League Over Saints Jokes

The NFL should have outlawed the Saints long ago, just for existing.

Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Look, we get it, the Atlanta Falcons have become the butts of many a jokes after the whole 28-3 debacle. Real surprise there.

Team owner Arthur Blank was reported this week as being miffed about the whole 283 diamonds in the Patriots Super Bowl 51 rings thing, but apparently, that may have been older news than originally thought.

But, we now know that ring-gate isn’t everything the team has been upset about when it comes to shade directed their way.

The Falcons reportedly had no problem in letting the league know they were *not cool* with the New Orleans Saints’ incessant joking during the team’s December match-up at the Superdome.

You remember the lame-as-all-get-out band formation the team put out to mock the Falcons over 28-3? Well, that, a video making fun of the MARTA bus covering the livesteram of the implosion of the Georgia Dome, and a dumb video that only a gaggle of Aints fans could enjoy, ticked the Dirty Birds off enough to where they filed a complaint over it to the NFL. The Advocate has a video and photo rundown of all the offenses as they happened.

It’s no surprise that Atlanta wasn’t thrilled about being poked at by their rival so many times. They told the league as much. Nothing’s probably going to come of this, and the most New Orleans is going to get is probably a kind note to tone it down a bit when Atlanta comes to town (as if that’s going to happen). Chances are it will inspire them to do some more subtle trolling, instead.

Who Dat Nation has had their fun at Atlanta’s expense ever since the Super Bowl collapse. C’est la vie. What would you expect? They’re Saints fans. They don’t have anything better to do with their time.

If only we now had something to press back into their face whenever they made 28-3 jokes...

chef kiss emoji