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Everything interesting Dan Quinn had to say at the NFL Combine

We rounded up the best quotes from today’s press conference in Indianapolis.

Miami Dolphins 2005 Headshots

The offseason is a sad, empty place, where nothing much happens between the Super Bowl and the NFL combine. The team’s brain trust may do a few short radio interviews, but we otherwise don’t hear from the team. The combine is when that finally changes. Dan Quinn spoke to the media, and here’s the best stuff he said.

We have both players penciled in as lost to teams with more cap space.

We know Quinn likes them fast, and we expect the team to add at least one end and one tackle in the draft to replace Dontari Poe and Adrian Clayborn. The Falcons could afford to spend half this draft adding defensive linemen.

What about the other side of the ball?

It’s no secret the Falcons will need to add a guard this offseason, to either start for Wes Schweitzer or to eventually replace Andy Levtire. The Falcons have been widely linked to multiple guards this offseason.

Some coaches, like Jon Gruden, sounded resistant to new analytics. Quinn, luckily, comes down on the other end.

This is a good spot for Kazee, who would otherwise need an unprecedented offseason to start at either spot.

Pretty clear the team has moved on from Taylor Gabriel, but I still think they could use a better WR3. You are one Julio Jones injury away from starting Mohamed Sanu and Justin Hardy.

Sure but can we still add someone better than Levine Toilolo?

Maybe the Falcons should have kept their quarterback coach? Just spitballing, here.

It doesn’t matter if you are one of the greatest players of the generation, people will still complain and suggest you need to be traded. Lets move on from that dumb thought.

If the team adds a corner, you will know why.

Safe to say the Falcons aren’t looking at replacing Jake Matthews. After getting a look at the tackles in this draft, I don’t blame them.

We didn’t expect any complications, but it is easy to forget that Crawford looked very solid at defensive tackle. He could be a nice bump for the middle of the defense.

/ominous music plays

The New Orleans Saints are definitely on the lookout for their quarterback of the near future, and Lamar Jackson could make a lot of sense. Lets hope this doesn’t develop into something to worry about.