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Atlanta Falcons talk: Who do you have your eyes on at the Scouting Combine?

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There are some great players in this class, but some will need to separate themselves at the Combine.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We are just days away from the 2018 Scouting Combine, which typically ends up being one of my favorite events of the spring. It features a lot of athletes trying to impress their potential new teams by Smart teams make use of the results in their evaluations, while dumb teams put all their stock in, say, 40 times. The Falcons, luckily, have been mostly a smart team.

The question is, who are you most looking forward to watching for when the drills kick off?

I’ll be watching the defensive tackles like a hawk, because I remain convinced that position is the strongest bet when the Falcons make their first round pick. Maurice Hurst, Da’Ron Payne, and Vita Vea are among the tops at the position, with all three in play for Atlanta if they make it anywhere near Atlanta’s pick. The team is thin enough at the position that they may double dip, making potential mid-to-late picks like B.J. Hill real options for this team. I look forward to seeing who rises

Otherwise, I’ll be looking at interior offensive linemen, mid-round wide receivers who seem to fit this offense, and potentially cornerbacks with length and athleticism, just the way Dan Quinn and Marquand Manuel like ‘em.

How about you?