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The Atlanta Falcons awarded an irrelevant compensation pick: the 256th pick of the 2018 NFL draft

Yes, they will be selecting Mr. Irrelevant this year, the last player selected in this year’s draft.

ESPN The Party - Arrivals Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for ESPN

The Atlanta Falcons were awarded a compensatory pick ahead of the 2018 NFL draft pick, and it’s the only one with a name associated with it. Which makes it special! Comp picks are based on some fuzzy math the league does regarding players lost and signed in free agency. You can get anything as early as a late third round pick, or you can get the very last pick of the draft.

The Falcons got that last pick.

The last player of the draft is called Mr. Irrelevant. Probably in part due to them being good enough that they were passed over 255 times.

Prepare for an offseason of the 256th pick saying they will buck the trend and become an impact player shortly before ending up on the practice squad.

How did the Falcons get the pick? It’s believed that the Dontari Poe signing offset the Patrick DiMarco loss. The Falcons were otherwise pretty quiet in the offseason, so maybe this is for losing Paul Worrilow. He’s such a team player that he got his team a draft pick even after he left.