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True or false: The Falcons will be handing Ricardo Allen a long-term deal soon

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The veteran safety is certainly deserving, but will he be getting the contract he’s surely looking forward to?

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Adnan Ikic

True. Ricardo Allen is a fine free safety, and Dimitroff will eventually prioritize re-signing him when the time comes (he’s already indicated as such). Allen has long been described as the smartest player on the defense, knowing where everyone should be at all times and really serving as an asset to Atlanta’s secondary due to that high football IQ. He’s obviously not Earl Thomas and never will be considered an elite FS, but he won’t command the salary of an elite safety ether.

Carter Breazeale

True. Ricardo Allen has done a commendable job at free safety since transitioning from cornerback in 2015. Defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel has publicly gushed over what Allen brings to the secondary, so it’s clear that the Falcons consider him a pivotal cog in the defense. He should not be in line for absurd money, so it makes total sense for Atlanta to get him under contract.

Cory Woodroof

True. Ricardo Allen is the glue that holds the secondary together, and one of the vocal leaders in the locker room. He’s also grown exponentially in his three years at free safety (can you believe it’s been that long?). As important as many of the Falcons’ contracts are going to be in the years ahead, this one is just as vital as those are, and I think the Falcons know that. Look for him to be here as long as Dan Quinn is.

Matt Chambers

False. I’ve come to love Ricardo Allen, and he’s definitely a big part of the defense. The problem is there’s a number of other players getting close to the end of their rookie deals that are also a big part of the defense. Atlanta has had some amazing drafts and the results will be losing some great players because the Falcons can’t afford to keep everyone. Grady Jarrett is going to get paid next offseason, then we have a logjam of defensive stars the year after. Thomas Dimitroff has to be planning this out years in advanced, and Allen is one guy I can see getting paid elsewhere. The Falcons can put that money elsewhere and transition the safety spot to Damontae Kazee. If Jarrett leaves, the Falcons have no one else on the roster to step up.

Dave Choate

True, but it depends upon the cost. The Falcons have gone out of their way to praise Allen, and he’s become a vital player, serving as a sort of safety net at the back end of the defense for Atlanta. If they have the cap space and Allen wants to stick around, he’ll be getting a deal, and Damontae Kazee will continue to serve as the team’s third safety going forward.

The if here regards what kind of contract Allen is after, and what Atlanta’s cap situation looks like. I assume they’ll look to clear some space this summer and get Allen locked up now, rather than taking a risk with tendering him as a restricted free agent.

Kevin Knight

True. Dimitroff already mentioned a desire to extend Ricardo Allen this offseason. Allen shouldn’t demand a big-money deal, and Atlanta should be able to bring back the dependable safety for a reasonable amount.


True. Ricardo has gotten better every year he’s been in the league, and had a particularly strong finish to 2017. The Falcons would be wise to try to sign him early, where they can get a better handle on the market.

James Rael

True. Ricardo Allen is one of defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel’s go to guys. He likes playing in Atlanta, and he’s an above-average free safety that won’t command above-average money. It’d be a mistake not to give him his pay day now.