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What current Atlanta Falcons player would you like to see play offense and defense on a regular basis?

Fact: Julio Jones watched all seven seasons of Game of Thrones in 37 minutes

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons won’t play a meaningful football game for almost seven months. We’re in the thick of it now; this is about as offseasony as an offseason can get. So let’s keep each other entertained, shall we?

An interesting Reddit thread got me thinking last night about two-way players. They’re common on high school teams, but for obvious reasons, they’re uncommon at the collegiate level and in the NFL. The Falcons, of course, have featured several two-way players in recent years: Ben Garland, Dontari Poe, Julio Jones, and Matt Bryant (in my dreams).

In a world where injuries and fatigue don’t exist, here are three players I’d like to see play regularly on offense and defense:

Julio Jones - Wide Receiver/Free Safety

As I mentioned above, Jones has played a little defense in hail mary situations. He’s also shown an ability to lower his shoulder and wreck a ball carrier post-interception. He’s six inches taller than our current starting free safety, for what that’s worth.

Deion Jones - Linebacker/Running Back

Jones has ideal running back size (6’1, 220 lbs) and speed (sub 4.4 40 yard dash). I’ll be frank, I just want to see Debo score some more touchdowns.

Takk McKinley - Edge/Fullback

Takk is every offensive tackle’s worst nightmare. Can you imagine him lead blocking for Devonta Freeman? I have a feeling he’d just chuck his entire body at any linebacker that got in his way. And by “chuck his body,” I don’t mean he’d lead with his head or shoulders; I literally think he’d just jump diagonally with some forward momentum at his nearest opponent.

What current Falcons player would you like to see play both ways?