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The most popular Super Bowl food by state

Georgia, Wyoming and West Virginia have similar taste

Fast Food Restaurant White Castle Celebrates Its 90th Anniversary On Capitol Hill Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

In honor of the Super Bowl being this Sunday, I’m trying to tackle the hard-hitting questions, in relation to the big game, which are on everybody’s mind. Questions such as: “What are people going to be eating on Super Bowl Sunday?” Fear not great readers of The Falcoholic, I got you covered.

A General Mills research group used search data from popular recipe sites to pinpoint exactly what each state’s meal of choice is going to be for the Super Bowl.

In Georgia, the most popular food is siders. Wyoming and West Virginia followed suit with this selection.

If I had to pick a loser in this question of opinion, it would have to be Kansas, whose Super Bowl dish of preference is dill pickle soup (seriously?).

You can check out the full list below:

What will you be eating at your Super Bowl party? (Hopefully not Dill Pickle Soup).