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True or false: Steve Sarkisian will be the offensive coordinator in 2019

Will Sark thrive and survive the year?

Buffalo Bills v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Dave Choate

True. The Falcons would love to have the kind of stability that defines great teams and great coaching staffs more or less across the NFL, and so they’d obviously like to keep Sark around if he can deliver. I think there are many reasons to think greater success for this offense is in the offing, from sheer talent to the likelihood that Sarkisian’s second year will give him more understanding of how he needs to use personnel and attack defenses.

Unless Sarkisian and the offense crap the bed again, in other words, he should be here in 2019.

Adnan Ikic

True. Steve Sarkisian obviously isn’t Kyle Shanahan, and it’s doubtful that he’ll ever achieve the success Shanahan achieved with Atlanta’s offense, but I do think his performance next season will be good enough to warrent bringing him back in 2019. There will be continuity within this offense going into next season which should result in a better performance from that side of the ball. I don’t expect a 2016 type performance from the offense (33.8 ppg) which would make Sark a head coaching candidate, but it won’t be as bad as it was in 2017 (22.1 ppg) either. It’s also hard to imagine the offense being plagued by as much bad as last season (seven drops which directly resulted in interceptions).

Carter Breazeale

True. Sarkisian’s initial run at the helm of the Falcons’ offense left much, much to be desired. Many of the formations he deployed lacked creativity, and he seemed to have an inadequate understanding of the personnel at his disposal. As a result of his uninspired playcalling, Sarkisian has spent a decent amount of time on the Falcons Fandom Whipping Post. There’s a reasonable expectation that Steve Sarkisian improves with a full year of experience as an NFL coordinator. With Dan Quinn poised to play a larger role on that side of the ball in 2018, I believe Sark’s job is secure going forward—unless the offense completely implodes.

Cory Woodroof

True. If he’s not, that means Atlanta’s offense flamed out, or remained the same unit they were in 2017. It would also mean the Falcons had a clear suitor lined up, ready to go. Sarkisian will be here unless he stumbles badly in 2018, which isn’t likely to be the case. He’s a respected mind who will have half a year to see what he did wrong, and improve upon it. He’s also got new QBs coach Greg Knapp to help him better learn to coach in the NFL. The offense should make improvements this fall, and those will be more than enough for Atlanta to feel comfortable in Sark taking the reins in 2019.

Matt Chambers

True. I think there’s a chance he’s out by the bye week of 2018, but it is much more likely he returns in 2019. Quinn had a chance to bring in Darrell Bevell this offseason, but that never materialized. Sarkisian might not have Kyle Shanahan’s ceiling, but he was going through a major transition from college to the pros, was (allegedly) using someone else’s playbook, had major stars hurt and rarely practicing together during camp and the preseason, all on a short offseason with a dejected team. It was a disaster in the making, and execution was pretty poor in 2017. I think it’s most likely Atlanta bounces back statistically to a top five offense and Sarkisian is kept for another year.

Kevin Knight

True. I believe Sarkisian will have a much better year in 2018. He’ll have a year of NFL experience under his belt, and the players should all be more comfortable in the scheme. We shouldn’t expect Sark to ever get this offense back to 2016 magnificence, but with the defense looking potentially dominant, a top-10 offense should be plenty. Unless Sark craters the offense or fails to show any growth from 2017, he’ll be back.

Kyle McClendon

True. Selfishly, I want this to be false due to how poor his performance was his first year, but I think he will show enough progress in year two to allow DQ and company the option to keep him around for the sake of “continuity.” I’m hopeful that he does such a great job that we all are begging for him to be here for a third year, but I think the more likely option is that he is serviceable and that Quinn sees enough improvement to keep him another year.


True. First, he won’t be getting a head coaching offer after 2018, but I also believe he’ll improve enough to field a top-10 offense in 2018. That will be enough to keep him around for a third season.

Jeanna Thomas

True. He’s never going to be Kyle Shanahan, but we should see the team take a step forward after another full offseason to acclimate to Sark. I think that will be enough to keep him around.