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The Falcons have the 11th most wins in the NFL since 2000

Just outside the top ten for the past (nearly) two decades.

Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Giants - November 9, 2003 Photo by Tom Berg/Getty Images

Intuitively, you probably know the Falcons have been one of the more successful regular season franchises in the NFL over the last two decades. Since 1998, they’ve been to two Super Bowls, made multiple NFC Conference Championship Games, and just generally lurked around the playoff picture, something that’s not easy to do. They’re missing a danged ring, but they’ve finally separated themselves from the sad sack losing ways that defined most of their first three decades in business.

I knew all that, but it’s still a little surprising to see just how many wins the Falcons have since 2000. They’re 11th overall over the last 18 seasons, behind a raft of marquee franchises (and the Saints), and ahead of quality teams like the Panthers, Vikings, and Chiefs.

The Falcons have had five head coaches over that span, with a huge portion of the team’s success coming between the early Michael Vick years and the Mike Smith-Dan Quinn years, with a handful of dud seasons along the way. Atlanta has had by far its most successful decade from 2010-2018—and that decade isn’t even over yet—with five double digit win seasons, two conference championships, and the 2016 Super Bowl.

Now we’re waiting on a championship, the final hurdle separating the Falcons from the teams above them on this list. They’ll get another crack at it this season, and as we’ve noted, they can do so in their home stadium this year.