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How should the Atlanta Falcons front office approach the NFL Combine?

Fact: Thomas Dimitroff drives an ice cream truck in his spare time

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank recently talked about how he believes his team is close to winning a Super Bowl. You have to respect his confidence. What’s more, that mentality undoubtedly trickles down at Flowery Branch. A tinker here, a tweak there; this team is almost good enough. Almost.

The Falcons will have their convoy (coaches, GM, merry band of scouts, catered deluxe coffee bar manned by a friendly barista named “Greg,” etc.) present when the NFL Combine kicks off on February 27th. The week-long event will be instrumental as the Falcons look to get over the proverbial hump in 2018. Sure, they may be able to add one splash free agent, as well as a role player or two, if their salary cap situation permits. But there’s no doubt Dan Quinn will look to rely on a rookie or two next season, because he’s shown a willingness to do just that during his tenure as head coach.

We know the Falcons will pay close attention to the defensive tackles and offensive guards. We know they may look for some depth at the skill positions. We also know these evaluations have been underway for months. With any luck, no one will pull a Bryan Cox and the front office will get a closer look at some of the guys on their draft board.

So how should the Falcons approach the NFL Combine? What should they pay careful attention to? What type of player should they look to suss out and ultimately avoid? Pretend you’re Thomas Dimitroff give us your best pre-Combine pep talk.

Ready? Set? Go!