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True or false: The Falcons will look to replace Brian Poole in 2018

Most of our writers think the nickel cornerback job will be his again this season.

Wild Card Round - Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Dave Choate

True. With the team’s depth at corner taking a massive hit with Jalen Collins out of town, it wouldn’t be surprising in the slightest if the Falcons acquired a corner who can at least push Poole. He is a good player with a useful skill set, but his coverage is not #elite, and the Falcons could probably get a lot of mileage out of the physical Poole as a combination fourth cornerback and fourth safety.

I fully expect the team to pick a corner in the draft who will at least compete with Poole and may very well knock him down to fourth on the depth chart. He’ll have a role on this defense--he’s too talented not to--but I don’t think he’ll have the luxury of going into this summer unchallenged, and I think it’s very possible he’s not the nickel cornerback in 2018.

Adnan Ikic

False. Brian Poole is passable in coverage and excels at tackling and blitzing. He’s proven to be a very decent option in his role and is on a dirt cheap contract. Outside of maybe taking a corner in the mid to late rounds of the draft for depth purposes, I don’t think that Dan Quinn will operate with much urgency in trying to bring in a replacement for Poole.

Carter Breazeale

False. While Brian Poole is susceptible to coverage goofs at times—getting burned by Brenton Bersin in the Carolina game is a good example—he’s an excellent open-field tackler and blitzer. The prodigious shot he put on Aaron Rodgers in the NFC Championship game still brings a smile to my face. His physicality alone will give him a role in 2018, but I think you may see a lot more from Damontae Kazee at nickel corner next season. The Falcons would be well-served to add some cornerback depth in the draft, but I don’t think Atlanta completely moves on from Poole just yet.

Cory Woodroof

True. Brian Poole is one of the team’s best tacklers and blitzers, but he has struggled with players coming out of the slot. Make no mistake -- Poole has a place on the team and will continue to see the field, but Dan Quinn typically doesn’t stand pat when a position on his team could be upgraded. Slot corner is a sneaky weakness on this defense, and the team may wish to put the finishing touches on its secondary by finding a long-term replacement at the position. Watch for Damontae Kazee -- a vaunted slot corner in college -- to perhaps figure in there.

Kevin Knight

False. Brian Poole is an average nickel CB in coverage who also offers excellent open-field tackling and blitzing ability. He’s the weakest link in the secondary, but the secondary might be the strongest position group on the defense. I think the Falcons will continue investing resources there, and could very well add competition for Poole in the form of a Day 2 pick, but I believe his job is relatively safe to begin 2018.


False. While Poole struggled some in 2017, he is still a quality option as a third CB starter. The team may look to build depth at the position, but I seriously doubt he’ll be replaced to start the 2018 season.