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Report: Falcons hiring University of Hawaii special teams coordinator for unspecified role

Mayur Chaudhari is joining the staff, but no position has been announced.

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 12 Hawaii at Ohio State Photo by Khris Hale/Icon Sportswire/Corbis via Getty Images

Here’s an interesting, out of the blue report that the Falcons have added a new coach to their staff. We don’t yet know where he’ll be coaching, though.

Mayur Chaudhari spent the last two seasons as the University of Hawaii’s special teams coordinator, and by all accounts did nice work with that unit over that span. Previously, he spent time with Army, the Virginia Military Institute, UC-Davis, and a variety of small colleges and high school over the past two decades, concentrating chiefly on roles with the secondary, though he has quite literally coached almost every unit you can think of outside of the lines and quarterback. He’s an experienced coach, in other words.

The question is where, exactly, he’s going to coach on this football team. The Falcons have an opening at running back coach after Keith Carter was hired as the new Titans offensive line coach, but Chaudhari hasn’t spent a ton of time with that position grouping in his career, so that feels like a bit of a stretch. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him taking on a role under Keith Armstrong on special teams, or under Marquand Manuel as a secondary coach, but we’ll need to wait until the team confirms the hire and his role before we know for sure. It’s worth noting that assistant special teams coordinator Eric Sutulovich is not, to my knowledge, going anywhere.

We’ve reached out to the Falcons, and we’ll update if we receive an answer. Otherwise, if this report is accurate, we’ll likely see an announcement from the Falcons in the coming days.