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Former Falcons coach Jerry Glanville headed to CFL

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In a fascinating twist of events, Glanville will bring the Gritz Blitz to the Canadians.

New York Jets v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Gin Ellis/Getty Images

The mastermind behind the Gritz Blitz is headed north.

The AJC cited a report saying that former Falcons coach Jerry Glanville is headed to coach defense for the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Glanville will join the staff of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (where his old Atlanta OC June Jones is the head coach), and will hope to make their defense too legit...too legit to quit.

The former head coach of the Falcons oversaw the electric 1991 squad, which championed famed players like cornerback Deion “Primetime” Sanders and wideout Andre Rison. He was famous for his Grits Blitz mentality on defense, which sent a bevy of rushers in to collapse the pocket. He also believed in an offense built on the deep pass (titled the “Red Gun”) and saw his team become the toast of the NFL that season. Famous faces like rapper MC Hammer and country star Travis Tritt would hang out on the sidelines during games (the former gave the team one of its mottos - “2 Legit 2 Quit”).

1991 was one of the marquee seasons for the franchise before the “Dirty Bird/Dan Reeves” era, crowned with the team’s road playoff win over the rival New Orleans Saints behind a couple of touchdowns from WR Michael Haynes (a former Saints fan, believe it or not, who ended up in New Orleans a little later).

Glanville’s also the guy many blame for booting Brett Favre to Green Bay in favor of quarterbacks Chris Miller and Billy Joe Tolliver. We, uh, all know how that went. To Glanville’s credit, Favre has later admitted that without the trade, he wouldn’t have gotten the impetus to shake out of his lazier ways and become the quarterback we all know him to be for the Packers. C’est la vie.

The coach has been out of the NFL since 1993, his last year with Atlanta, where he finished 28-38 in four seasons, including the playoffs. Random stops at Hawaii as their defensive coordinator (2005-06) and Portland State as their head coach (2007-09) gave him a little college experience. And, now, nearly a decade later, the cowboy-hat wearing quote machine is back on a football sideline. How about that.

Oddly enough, after his NFL coaching career, Glanville tried out being a NASCAR driver for a while and put out a SEGA Genesis game called Jerry Glanville’s PigSkin Footbrawl. Talk about a well-rounded guy.

So, well wishes to Coach Glanville in his new gig north of the border. If you’re ever curious to learn more about his 1991 squad, NFL Network’s The Timeline special on the subject is really good television, and is available online to anyone with NFL Game Pass. It’s also on demand for those with a subscription to NFL Network.