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Takk McKinley had shoulder surgery today

Initially there was some confusion about what the surgery was, but now we know he’s the second Falcons player to undergo shoulder surgery this offseason.

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Is Takkarist McKinley undergoing surgery? According to his Twitter account, probably.

UPDATE: Takk confirmed it was shoulder surgery, after all.

We guessed exactly that earlier today, though some on Twitter pointed out that he had talked about having his wisdom teeth out earlier in the week. We genuinely hope he did not do both of those things this week, because good lord.

Dan Quinn said tonight that the Falcons have a series of minor injuries that will require surgery this offseason, but isn’t expecting anyone to miss time this summer, or certainly into the 2018 season. We’ll take him at his word for the moment, and wish Takk a speedy recovery.