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Scouting Report: G Isaiah Wynn, Georgia

The talented tackle from Georgia is a well-rounded prospect with few flaws, but can he be even more dominant on the interior?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 08 CFP National Championship Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to another long week of the offseason. Apparently there is still another football game this weekend—if you can stomach it—but for the rest of us, there’s nothing left but free agency and the draft. Speaking of the draft, I’ve been hard at work taking a closer look at one of the biggest names that has been linked to the Falcons: Georgia tackle/guard Isaiah Wynn.

Wynn had an impressive week at the Senior Bowl that put him on the radar of many draft analysts. He’s also a player that I’m sure many of you have watched closely over his seasons playing in college. To get a closer look at Wynn, I observed him against Kentucky, Oklahoma (Rose Bowl), and Alabama (National Championship). Without further adieu, let’s dive in to what I learned.

Scouting Report: G Isaiah Wynn, Georgia


Wynn is a well-rounded prospect that can do it all on the offensive line. He played both guard and tackle during his career at Georgia, where he has started every year since 2015. Scheme diverse—should find success in both gap/power and zone blocking offenses. He’s a powerful blocker with strong hands who rarely lets defenders escape once they are in his grasp. Wynn is able to drive defenders off the ball in the run game, and he was rarely pushed back in pass protection.

He also possesses above average athleticism, particularly at the guard position. Wynn has the ability to get out and make blocks in space in the screen game, and has no problem navigating through traffic to take out players on the second level. He takes good angles on his blocks and was responsible for big plays in the run game in almost every game. Wynn also has excellent awareness in pass protection, with a good understanding of where and when to pick up blitzes, stunts, and twists.


At 6’2, 308, Wynn lacks the length that NFL teams desire for their tackles. His future in the league is almost certainly at guard. There were some concerns about his transition back inside after playing tackle, but Wynn performed well at both left and right guard during the Senior Bowl.

Wynn has a few minor technical issues in his game, but nothing that shouldn’t be correctable. His hand placement could be better and his technique could use a little refinement. Wynn doesn’t have the quickest feet and his kick-slide at tackle sometimes appeared a little labored. Those concerns would be a much smaller issue on the inside, however.


Wynn isn’t quite the elite and dominant force on the interior that Quenton Nelson is, but he’s still very good. He had an excellent senior season at Georgia that saw him give up very few pressures while playing left tackle—if he were just a few inches taller, he’d almost certainly be getting top-15 buzz as a high-level tackle prospect. As it stands now, Wynn has the makings of a Pro Bowl-caliber guard with a few minor refinements to his technique.

The Falcons have already shown interest in Wynn, with the team being linked to him at the Senior Bowl. He excelled in Mobile, showing the versatility to play both guard spots and generally looking like one of the best offensive linemen there. He played LG and LT in college and might be more comfortable on that side early on, but there should be no concerns about him taking over Wes Schweitzer’s spot at RG if that is indeed the plan. His performance almost certainly vaulted him into consideration in the late first round, however.

Speaking of the RG spot, Wynn would almost certainly be a significant upgrade there. He’s a borderline-dominant run blocker and an above-average pass protector, and his presence would go a long way to solidifying what was one of the biggest weaknesses on the team in 2017. Wynn is athletic enough to excel in the zone blocking scheme and would be much more reliable at picking up blitzes and stunts. The duo of Wynn and Schraeder could be a dominant one—it all depends on if the Falcons view his price tag as worth it.

Grade: 1.5 (late first, early second)

What are your thoughts on Isaiah Wynn potentially ending up a Falcon? Are there any other guards you’d rather see Atlanta draft? Is a late-first round price tag too high, or do you think Wynn is a good value at 26?