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Faced with an Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl, many Falcons fans are rooting for neither

And who could blame them?

Super Bowl LII - New England Patriots Media Availability Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles are playing in the Super Bowl, as you well know. Choosing which of these teams to root for is a bit like choosing whether to drink bleach or battery acid, if we’re being totally candid.

Given my own struggles with choosing, I was curious to see where Falcons fans stood. I put up a poll on Twitter that covered both options, the “a good game” option for classy men and women across the fanbase, and the option of having a comet casually drop in and cancel the Super Bowl.

Well, the results are in, and the majority of Falcons fans polled on Twitter favored...well, an impact event. Hm.

I don’t think Falcons fans really want to see the lives of thousands or even millions of lives destroyed by a comet. I also don’t think most Falcons fans really want to see either of these teams win, so I’m sympathetic to the desire for a third option.

That said, more Falcons fans appear to be leaning toward the Eagles than the Patriots, which is understandable both after last year’s Super Bowl and after the last 16 or so years of the Patriots and Tom Brady winning non-stop. Considering the Patriots win would only create more fawning profiles of New England, and an Eagles win would take yet another team off the list of franchises that have never won a Super Bowl, I wouldn’t blame you if you just didn’t root for either outcome.