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Thrilled to join The Falcoholic

Looking forward to sharing a new season with you all.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been living in a state of suspended animation since last year’s Super Bowl—an Atlanta Falcons Stockholm Syndrome of sorts—so it seems only fitting to join a community of likeminded folk. Misery loves company?

I jest (somewhat).

My name is Carter Breazeale (pronounced “Brazil”—weird, I know), and I’m incredibly humbled at the opportunity to join The Falcoholic’s stable of talented writers. I’ve long considered The Falcoholic the premiere outlet for fan-driven Atlanta Falcons coverage, complete with an engaged and enthusiastic readership. For many years this community has been my late-night refuge in the aftermath of mind-numbing losses, and celebratory sanctuary after massive wins.

A bit about myself: I was born in Norcross, Georgia, and moved to Orlando, Florida in 1995. I graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2010, and have primarily worked in communications roles. Acquired Floridian skills include heroic humidity tolerance and dodging tourist-driven rental cars.

While I may live in Orlando, Atlanta will always be home.

Atlanta sports have been my lifeblood—and bane of my existence—since I was crawling around the nosebleeds at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. My springs and summers belong to the Bravos, my falls and winters dedicated to The Dirty Birds.

I distinctly recall being inconsolably upset at Eugene Robinson for his extracurricular Super Bowl misdeeds at the mere age of 12. Falcons fandom forces you to grow up fast, I guess.

There’s been highs, and many, many, lows, and I enjoy channeling that immediate post-win elation or post-loss despair to craft unique content and insightful analysis. More recently, I’ve been covering the Falcons for FanSided, and was thrilled when presented with the opportunity to begin writing for SBNation and The Falcoholic.

The Falcoholic artfully bridges the gap between traditional sports journalism takes and down-to-earth, fan-centric approaches to the daily goings on with the Atlanta Falcons, and I’m ecstatic to be able to contribute this season and beyond. My sports writing interests generally fall in the realm of editorials, so there will be plenty of room for conversation going forward.

May 2018 finally be our year. I’ll see you in the comments section.