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Falcons down 20-7 against Packers: second-half open thread

The Falcons are a disaster in every phase of the game.

Atlanta Falcons v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Things got off to a fast start when the Falcons went up on the Packers with a touchdown on the opening drive. It’s all been downhill from there. Nearly everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.

Dan Quinn again hurts himself with timeouts. Matt Ryan tossed a pick six and missed Tevin Coleman on a likely first down near the red zone when the ball slipped. Calvin Ridley is dropping footballs. Marvin Hall got a chance at returner and immediately fumbled. Robert Alford is giving up touchdowns between pass interference calls. The defense has gotten flags and even got into a fight.

Yeesh. Everything is going wrong.

The Packers have a comfortable 13 point lead and start off the half with the football. Short of a miraculous bounce back, the Falcons will lose to Joe Philbin and move to 4-9.