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Falcons fan confidence digs in the dark soil at the bottom of the abyss

Fans are justifiably fed up and feeling lousy about this football team.

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Look, nobody believes in the Falcons at this point. The Falcons appear to barely believe in the Falcons, with Dan Quinn speaking candidly on Wednesday about his team’s many failures. So it’s not surprising at all to see that fan confidence, which briefly was high after Atlanta’s three game winning streak, is scraping bottom like a drunk submarine commander.

Just 10% of Falcons fans feel confident in the direction of the team at the moment, which represents a new season low. After Atlanta dropped its fourth straight game, yet another listless offensive effort at home against the Ravens, they officially took themselves out of the running for a winning season and all but officially for a playoff berth. Consider that fan confidence among those we poll for FanPulse was at 96% heading into the season and you can understand just how poorly this season has gone, and how much the patience of fans like you and I has been tested.

Where do we go from here? With two NFC South matchups and a Packers team with a spring in its step post-Mike McCarthy, we may go even lower. The Falcons are simply not good, as Dan Quinn addressed in uncharacteristically blunt fashion yesterday, and there’s little to be done about that until the 2019 season.