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Falcons send Josh Harris to injured reserve, promote Justin Zimmer, waive Keith Tandy

Dan Quinn continues his storied practice of sending a Falcons player to injured reserve every week.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars
I’m so sorry to Josh Harris for picking this image.
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

This wouldn’t be the 2018 season without a few guys going out for the season. We’ve seen a lot of pro Bowlers end up on injured reserve, but today Atlanta loses their long-term longsnapper Josh Harris. Fans will miss his steady, strong hands the last few games of this season.

This is actually a good handful of transactions so lets go through it. Harris has been a solid longsnapper for the Falcons since way back to 2012. He does the two things you want a longsnapper to be able to do well: snap and block. It’ll be a setback but the Falcons haven’t been close enough for a single snap to matter in weeks.

Justin Zimmer flashed this preseason as a defensive tackle and was even on the 53-man roster for a few weeks. He didn’t put up any stats but he’s got some upside despite being 26. Dan Quinn will hopefully accept the season is caput and try out some of their younger players, including Zimmer.

Keith Tandy was signed after the Ricardo Allen injury, but despite flashing in Tampa and blocking a kick against the Cleveland Browns, never got real play time on defense. He probably won’t be back in Atlanta.

The Falcons signed longsnapper Jon Condo, who reportedly earned two Pro Bowl berths in his 12 (!) NFL seasons. At 37, he’s not the future, but should fill in well enough.

Atlanta added wide receiver Julian Williams to the practice squad, who according to the Atlanta Falcons, is best known for his four-yard catch this preseason. He’s a long-shot for competing for a roster spot this offseason.