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Falcons drop from 7th to 14th overall pick with win over Buccaneers

Fans of tanking will not want to read this.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Only a month ago Falcons fans were watching tape of Nick Bosa and dreaming of the defense with a true pass rusher. Now there’s almost no way for the team to trade up for a top prospect.

Thanks to a winning streak to finish the season when they were out of postseason consideration, the Falcons have dropped from an expected top-5 selection down into the teens. Oof.

Tanking isn’t really a realistic option in the NFL. On any given play you have 11 players desperately pushing for a bigger role in future games or just trying to keep their pro dreams alive. Additionally, coaches are trying to keep their jobs and desperately trying to get their teams on track. Considering shortened offseasons and limited preseason action, live reps are desperately needed for the future.

The problem is the available talent at each draft slot. Had the Falcons lost the last two weeks, they’d have a shot to take Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams at 5th overall according to SBN’s latest mock draft. If they won today, they would have had a great shot at snatching Michigan defensive end Rashan Gary. Now the Falcons are inline to pick up a player like Mississippi State defensive end Montez Sweat.

There’s no way to know who turns out to be the better pro but early indications are a Quinnen Williams would be a bigger, more immediate player to the defensive line. It’s a big loss for a team looking to improve a soft, pliable defense.