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Dan Quinn suggests coaching changes may come after Week 17

The head coach alluded to some problems with the coaching staff during a midweek press conference.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Quinn has been the master of platitudes during Atlanta’s losing streak, frequently relying on a few old, tired sayings midseason instead of tossing coaches or players under the bus. It’s the right move but Quinn sounds ready to move on.

That’s right. We are getting some real quotes.

For instance, some fans have been worried that a few wins late in the season may help save coaches that have failed to show consistent improvement. Per Quinn, that won’t be the case.

I think this may apply most to the coordinators, with none of Steve Sarkisian, Marquand Manuel, and Keith Armstrong being safe. I’ll still be surprised if all three go but we have seen reports suggesting major changes are headed to the staff. Quinn is admitting there’s bigger problems with the staff than just a few wins and losses.

Thomas Dimitroff and Quinn should be considering potential replacements prior to making a final decision on the fate of Atlanta coaches. With that said, those options should be figured out by early next week.

The next suggestion of problems with the staff?

My favorite thing about Quinn and Dimitroff is their great, collaborative effort at building the roster. It’s a stark departure from the Mike Smith era when analysts were left scratching their heads every offseason.

Quinn’s statement suggests not everyone is on the same page, which is obviously a problem. If we hop into the way-back machine from Julio’s first season, head coach Smith first highlighted his elite... run blocking. Offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey featured Jones as primarily a deep threat. The staff was clearly not ready to move to an aerial attack despite having Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, and adding one of the best wide receivers of this generation in Jones.

It’s really only a guess at this point but it’s clear that visions have diverged. That could account for some issues with the team perhaps dating back to training camp. Quinn has hopefully learned from those lessons and is ready to revamp the staff.