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Falcoholinks: All the Atlanta Falcons news you need for Christmas

Merry Christmas, Falcoholics!

New York Giants v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Ho-ho-ho, and a very Merry Christmas to all you Falcoholics near and far!

As you unwrap your presents and de-stock those stuffings, your friends here at The Falcoholic have a very special gift for you. Links!

Gather ‘round the fireplace with us as we celebrate the holiday season with a fresh batch of newsworthiness.


The hit heard ‘round the world Sunday, Falcons punter Matt Bosher had his devastating blast on Panthers returner Kenjon Barner go as viral as an NFL clip could.

That thing was everywhere; people who aren’t even Falcons fans were rejoicing to watch something that punishing come from a punter. It even made the SportsCenter Top 10, for crying out loud.

As comes with the territory, Bosher arrived to his locker post-game with a note from the league about, y’know, a drug test and all.

Yeah, yeah, it’s a bit lame for the league to do this every single time someone puts up a highlight, but we all know that the hit was a 100% Bosher boom.

It might even land him a new job on the Falcons roster!

A Carolina Christmas

We’ve still got that big Panthers win to discuss, folks, recaps and evaluations aplenty!

Here’s Allen Strk’s analysis of how the team walked away victorious, Dave Choate’s weekly recap of the events at hand, D.W.’s offensive and defensive players of the game and more rounded-up insight in yesterday’s Falcoholinks.

Enjoy the festive trip down most recent memory lane!

Coleman’s Last Ride?

It’s fair to wonder if Falcons running back Tevin Coleman could be playing in his last game in an Atlanta uniform Sunday, or if he already has.

TeCo is a free agent in March, and left Sunday’s game injured. Dan Quinn provided an update on his health in his Monday presser.

The team will have to see how he progresses to Sunday, but you have to think they’ll get him out there if they can. It’s important for Coleman to get as many reps as possible ahead of his March FA process, and the team no doubt would like to get one last look at him in a starting role.

Should he be out, get ready for a lot of Brian Hill and Jeremy Langford. The former had a huge Sunday and the latter is a former starter in the league, so that’s not all that bad.

We’ll see how Coleman shapes up, and if the team opts to let him walk in March, we’ll bid farewell to an excellent Falcon.

Ty-ing Things Together

Before heading out for Christmas, Dan Quinn threw a little support behind new right tackle Ty Sambrailo.

Indeed, Sambrailo has played well down the stretch for a reserve tackle and one wonders how much he’s helping his case to get a crack at the job in 2019.

The team knows how important it is to keep the bookends on solid footing, and they just won’t hand the job to anyone. They could invest high draft capital here, or let Sambrailo and former starter Ryan Schraeder duke it out come summer.

Schraeder held down the spot for nearly a half-decade and played well, so you have to think the team will give him another go if he’s not released or traded in the spring.

No matter what happens, Sambrailo looks light-years better than he did last fall in starting reps, which is encouraging.

Well, folks, those are the Christmas links. Enjoy time with your family and friends, and save a few cups of eggnog for your old pals at the Falcoholic.