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What Falcons’ gift do you want for Christmas?

The Falcoholic staff asks Santa for a Falcons-related gift

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Falcons fan

Well folks, the 2018 holiday season has quickly arrived, which also means an ending to the Falcons 2018 season.

With the Christmas holiday right around the corner, your friends at the Falcoholic have provided what Falcons-related gifts they are hoping to get from the jolly ole’ Saint Nicholas himself.

Be sure to share your “list” with us below, and from everyone at The Falcoholic, Happy Holidays!

Evan Birchfield

World peace – and a Jack Crawford jersey.

Cory Woodroof

A Deion Jones pick-six in New Orleans, and Kyle Shanahan, delivered to Atlanta, Grinch-style. That doesn’t endorse kidnapping, but it doesn’t not endorse it, either.

Dave Choate

All I want for Christmas is the promise of a successful Falcons season in 2019. That’s really it. Knowing that the Falcons were cruising to a Super Bowl next year would do wonders to erase months of heartache and headache and other, less specific aches.

Matt Chambers

Am I really the only one remembering the true spirit of Christmas: tangible goods? I can give you my favorite Falcons gift ever, and is honestly the only Atlanta branded product you ever need: this Freddie the Falcon hat. I received this years ago and the price is somehow ridiculously cheaper than when I got it. It’s ridiculous, over-the-top, and has a much better shelf life than my 2016 NFC Championship hat.