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Matt Bosher “randomly” drug tested after monstrous hit on Kenjon Barner

Fact: Matt Bosher’s Christmas trees decorate themselves

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons punter Matt Bosher has always been willing to make a football play if necessary. So much so that we’ve actually wondered aloud (only half jokingly) whether Bosher could secure a role in the secondary.

Bosher put on an epic tackling clinic for the defense yesterday. Hopefully you didn’t miss yesterday’s game, but in case you did, here’s what I’m referencing: Bosher leveled a ball carrier during yesterday’s victory over the Panthers. Kenjon Barner was in the middle of a 30+ yard return and Bosher promptly put an end to it.

As we know, drug testing is anything but random in the National Football League. Bosher doesn’t have a prominent social media presence, but he took to Instagram this morning to let us know that he was “randomly” selected for a drug test following Saturday’s game.

Given that he lifted Barner about five feet in the air, I suppose I understand why he’d be targeted for a drug test. And I’ll give Barner credit, he’s taking all this in stride, cracking a joke on Twitter about his plan to come fight Bosher in Atlanta during the off-season.

I don’t care how you feel about this season, watching Bosher demolish Barner yesterday was, in a word, epic. It made the holidays just a little bit brighter.