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Falcons-Panthers post-game injury report: Tevin Coleman suffers groin injury during invigorating win

Fact: Tevin Coleman puts ketchup on his chicken nuggets

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons won a hard fought game against one of their biggest rivals today. With a Vikings victory over the Lions, the Panthers loss knocked them out of the playoffs. It’s also their second loss to the Falcons this season, and it’s always nice to sweep a hated NFC South rivla. It did nothing for the Falcons’ draft position, but from a morale standpoint, it certainly counted for something. What’s more, the Falcons stayed relatively healthy today, but there were a couple noteworthy injuries. Let’s break them down.

It looked like Calvin Ridley suffered a leg injury during the first half after suffering a late hit. He got stretched out on the sideline and ultimately returned to the game. Ridley then came up with a record setting touchdown reception on the first play of the third quarter.

Tevin Coleman suffered a groin injury during the 4th quarter and earned a “questionable to return” designation. Coleman’s injury temporarily made Brian Hill the first string running back just one season after the Falcons cut him. Hill responded by inexplicably fumbling (i.e., without being touched) while trying to leapfrog a cornerback. In his defense, Hill made up for the fumble with a huge 60+ yard run late in the fourth quarter.

Julio Jones played within the scope of his snap count today after the Falcons made a last-second decision to allow him to play. He only accrued 28 receiving yards but did have a touchdown. I’d bet he’s not feeling his best.

That’s a relatively injury-free Sunday for the Falcons, all things considered. Your thoughts?